The Blessing of Surprise

Planning is one of my favorite things. With details of my days, weeks, and months scheduled and written (in pen), I feel a sense of control, stability, and accomplishment as I go about my pre-planned life.

There are even stickers, and little reminders, and decorative tape, and all sorts of planning goodies. With such a market, I know I’m not the only one who loves some good calendar time.

As fun as it all is, there’s something I’m learning to appreciate: the blessing of surprise. There are many good things we can work into our schedules, but God has the best things planned and those often come in the form of surprises.

There are so many blessing surprises like changes in jobs, relationships, living situations, health, community, other circumstances, and a big one: children.

Some people get pregnant right away, some wait for many years. Some try to have children, some do not. Yet somehow there’s always surprise. I suppose that’s because God has His own planner and it often looks a whole lot different than ours.

How will we respond to our blessing surprises?

Ahhh, that wasn’t on my calendar!

This is the best ever!

Grrr, I’m going to have to rewrite everything.

God, thank You that You’re changing my plan to fit Yours.

With all the planning, the blessing of surprise is one sometimes missed. So the challenge is this: take surprises as they come because God gives the greatest gifts, and they’re very often wrapped as surprises.

“Many, Lord my God, are the wonders You have done, the things You planned for us.” – Psalm 40:5a

How about you? What are some blessing surprises God has given you?

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