How Can I Help?


The goal of Tiny Feet Memorial is to collect and display 60 million+ pairs of baby shoes, and remember the 60 million+ children lost through abortion. Such a huge undertaking is only possible through the power of Christ Jesus, and His people asking for His help.


Donating baby shoes is huge! Whether new, used, hand-made, or store-bought, each brings us closer to our goal. Thrift stores are awesome, and there are gobs of patterns online to make your own. For available donation locations, click here.

Tell Your Story

Are these shoes in memory of a particular person? What is your story? When you donate a pair of baby shoes, you can include a note card with your memorial story and it might be a part of the Shoe Stories page. Or if you prefer not to share your story, that’s ok too. Just your thoughtful shoe donation and heart for this memorial is appreciated.

Spread the Word

This is a place for everyone to come to grieve and heal, while making an impact on the future. With your help, more people will link arms and become a part of this massive undertaking.

Tell Your Local Church or Pro-Life Group

This is bigger than just us! With these groups focusing together on the healing journey even more people can be impacted. These places also make great shoe drop locations, and more information can be found here.

Create a Shoe Drop Location

A hub for baby shoes is important in each demographic location. Once the hubs have maximized their number of shoes, our goal is to use semi trucks to gather shoes from each location and display them on their way to D.C.


Join the TFM Volunteer Team creating materials, interfacing with social media platforms/website, handling administration details, or doing other awesome things.

Is There Another Way You’d Like to Help?

Great! Let us know your ideas; we’d love to hear from you!

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