Mourning the Lost While Loving the Living

Collecting 60 Million+ Pairs of Baby Shoes

60 million is a big number. We’re collecting more than 60 million pairs of baby shoes to remember the more that 60 million children lost through abortion. This is a way to remember them and really see how big that number really is. On the journey we can find healing from our choices and perhaps end abortion once and for all.

Store bought, garage sale, thrift store, hand-me-downs, or homemade, they’re all welcome here!

Find Healing

This is a place to mourn for the lost and an opportunity for the living to heal. Whether you yourself, someone you know, or someone you have never met lost a child through abortion, this is a place to remember each life, each story, that ended too quickly.

Strengthen Others

There is hope. And there is support. So many places share this hope and support and you can be a part of that. Churches and communities need people like you to promote life and love.

End Abortion

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all decide abortion isn’t for us? The genocide can end as our mentality about it changes.