About Tiny Feet Memorial

The Beginning

Years ago I saw a picture of Auschwitz concentration camp and the room of shoes there. It was, and still is, a powerful representation of the 11 million or more people lost during the Holocaust.

The Goal: Collect, Heal, Strengthen, End Abortion

The number of children lost through pregnancy termination, also known as abortion, in the United States alone is over 60 million.* In order to more fully grasp this unfathomable number, the goal is to collect 60 million+ pairs of baby shoes, and continue collecting, until abortion ceases in the U.S.

In the midst of collecting baby shoes, we want to provide a place where people can mourn the loss of these children, and through that mourning process begin to heal.

Through that healing, the Christian community can better serve others and minister to their needs, helping others heal. The healthier the community, the more they value themselves and fellow humans, and the less they seek destruction for either.

In this way abortion withers as demand naturally decreased. Laws follow the movement of the people and abortion becomes a monstrosity of the past.

…*60 million does not include pregnancy terminations caused by “birth control” including but not limited to birth control pills, Plan B, and IUDs

About Tiny Feet Memorial’s Founder

“Save all the children” is Heather’s life mission. She is a follower of Jesus Christ, solutioneer, science enthusiast, cottage school teacher, wife, and artist. She is a platelet*, standing in the gap when something is amiss. Some of her faith heros are William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr., and Corrie ten Boom.

*What on earth is a platelet? It’s a little blood cell that goes around the circulatory system looking for holes in the blood vessel walls. When it finds one it stands in the gap and shouts “There’s a hole!” chemically until a scab is formed and the body can heal.